Friday, May 2, 2014

The American Dream Back on Track for 2016 Opening

© American Dream
The American Dream, a giant mega-mall complex slated to be built just outside New York City, might finally be on its way to an actual opening in 2016.  The developers behind the project - which will finish the partially done (and despised as ugly) Xanadu project - have released some new renderings and now call for completion in the fall of 2016.  The project was originally announced in 2011, with most parts slated to have been open this year.

Triple 5, the American Dream's developers, also behind the Mall of America and West Edmonton Mall, both have amusement parks.  The American Dream will also have one indoors, coming in at 300,000 square feet.  It will also feature a 225,000 indoor water park - both can be seen in the image above which is from the project's website.  The amusement park, which will be themed to the Dreamworks characters, can be seen on the left, and the water park more in the middle.  Much of the park will be visible through 80 foot tall glass windows - how's that for an advertisement?

© American Dream
This is a similar, but more stylized piece of concept art - take notice of that coaster drawn in the amusement park!  Looks like it could be great... but this simply concept art and nothing more.  I would still think that creating a park with rides like those at Nickelodeon Universe at the Mall of America would be more realistic.  However, that large tower in the amusement park does appear to have some sort of free fall, listed as 200 feet in height, which is a very unique feature.

The American Dream will also be home to a large observation wheel, indoor ski slope, a full sized hockey rink, miniature golf, movie theaters and an aquarium.  Oh, and plenty of restaurants and shops, of course.