Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Wonder Mountain's Guardian Opening Soon at Canada's Wonderland

One of my personal most-anticipated new attractions in 2014 is Wonder Mountain's Guardian at Canada's Wonderland.  And thankfully, it appears as though the new part-coaster part-4D Interactive ride is nearly ready to open!

CWMaina filmed the above video of the new attraction testing, and after seeing the cars speed along the track there is little doubt that most will consider this a roller coaster.  The first drop may not be steep, but the cars pick up some nice speed and for a family ride it works.  The video also shows a screen coming down quickly after the trains enter the mountain, that is so the interactive video screen can be easily seen in darkness.

© CWMania
Also some great news from the ride's entrance sign, the minimum height for riding is 42 inches with a responsible rider, or 48 inches alone.  That was probably expected, since this is aimed at families, but great to see confirmed.

CWMania has also uploaded a great gallery of photos of Wonder Mountain's Guardian, showing off all the work that has been completed just since the park opened.  Check that out at this link.