Monday, May 12, 2014

New SeaWorld Parks + Entertainment Trademark

SeaWorld Parks & Entertainment has filed a new trademark for "Tempesto," for use on "entertainment services in the nature of an amusement park ride."

It has an interesting ring to it, no?

Doing a bit of google translating, it seems like in Italian the word tempesto means stormed, and Wiktionary points out that it is the "first-person singular present indicative of tempestare."  Tempestare is to rain in a storm like fashion, or to bombard.  One site even lists the word as having a meaning of to "hail curses," though I only saw that one once.

Things would be easier if I spoke Italian, but it generally sounds like a culmination of those definitions could be fitting for a coaster ride.  Perhaps.

It does make me think of Busch Gardens Williamsburg's leaked 2015 plans, which are in the park's Fiesta Italia section.  Could there be a connection?  I have no clue - but the company also has a history of trademarking several names and obviously only using one in the end.


Unknown said...

Busch is making a huge mistake with this "coaster". They need to rethink this through.