Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Storm Chaser Nearing Completion at Adventureland

© Adventureland
Adventureland has completed vertical construction of Storm Chaser, a new swing ride by Mondial that will open this year.  Similar in most aspects to the version that has opened at several Cedar Fair parks, Storm Chaser is however a bit shorter at 250 feet tall.  The tower is a bright yellow color, ensuring that the ride will be visible from far outside the park's gates.

© Adventureland
This photo, just recently posted by the park, shows the instillation of the ride carriage.  It also shows that this version of the ride will seat around half as many people as the Cedar Fair models.  The WindSeeker rides have 32 cars, each seating two passengers for a total of 64.  While not all the arms are installed in the above photo, my totally unofficial count landed at 16 seats for a total of 32 riders.

Which makes sense, really, since Adventureland is a much smaller park than the bigger Cedar Fair properties that installed WindSeekers. 

Adventureland is hoping to have Storm Chaser up and running sometime in June.