Thursday, December 2, 2010

A Look At What Orlando Thrill Park Has Planned

If you were wondering exactly what rides have been considered for Orlando Thrill Park, the new thrill-rides-only park that has been proposed for Orlando, then you're in luck.  The Funland Blog got the scoop and published a list of some of the rides the park is currently interested in.

Take it with a grain of salt though, the developers are quick to say that plans will probably change between now and the potential 2013 opening.

Some great rides are planned, such as a prototype ride by Chance and Vekoma, a Unicoaster flat ride, and one of the elusive Vekoma Singray flying rides.  There's also an Intamin ZacSpin an S&S 4th Dimension ride.  Some 'meh' rides are also planned, such as a common Vekoma SLC and a launched motobike coaster.

Probably for me, the most interesting ride would be the launched Mack coaster, like Blue Fire at Europa Park.  That ride looks fantastic, and it would be wonderful to have one of them in our corner of the world. 

Orlando Thrill Park is far from a done deal though.  I noticed in the article that the "developers hope to secure financing in the coming months," which is a huge red flag in my book.  Can you imagine the price tag of all these rides alone?  Add that to a parking garage, and the rest of the property, and yikes - these are not good times to go asking for cash for something like this.

Still, it's a plan that would make any coaster enthusiast drool some, so as with all projects of this nature we will wish them the best of luck!  Hopefully I can be riding a Blue Fire clone in Orlando in a few years!


Surya said...

Having ridden Blue Fire, more of that wouldn't hurt, but it's nothing exceptional. The launch is fine, but not earth shattering. The ride is very smooth and you pull some nice Gs, but again, nothing earth shattering.

Launched Intamins are always fun.

The Chance/Vekoma pretzel coaster looks interesting, but I expect it to be more of a gimmick than a good coaster. The drop will probably be the best part, the rest is just block brakes and loops. And being a Vekoma, it probably isn't very smooth.

4th Dimension coasters are fun and unique, but having been on X2, I wouldn't call it a must.

SLCs and motorbike coasters? Meh, as you said.