Friday, December 3, 2010

Silverwood Builds Two Kids' Rides for 2011

Idaho's Silverwood Theme Park has announced the addition of two new kids rides for the park's 2011 season.  Both of the new attractions will be provided by S&S Worldwide.

Extremely popular for quite some time now, one of the rides will be a Frog Hopper.  S&S has given the latest version of the ride a new look, including bright colors and frog characters painted behind the seats.

The second new ride is called the Butterflyer, one of the company's Jungle Swing style attractions.  The eight passenger vehicle swings up to 70 degrees, but is still mild enough for smaller kids.  It's really a pint-sized version of the Screamin' Swing.

Photos of both rides (which appear to have been taken at IAAPA) are available on Silverwood's Facebook page.