Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Quassy Makes Progress On Wooden Warrior

Time to check in on how things are going up at Quassy Amusement Park where they are working toward the completion of the Wooden Warrior.  The new Gravity Group designed ride is sure to be a hit with families next summer.

The far turnaround of the ride is up, and it's having a tunnel built over it!  That's going to add a lot of excitement to the new coaster.

Plenty of the ride's track interacts with other sections, as seen in the cross-over above. In total, the Wooden Warrior's track stretches 1,200 ft.

I'm sure that guests will be cheering as the ride hits the final brakes, and probably get right back in line!  The park is currently planning a first-rider auction for the Wooden Warrior, to benefit local charities.  Look for future details on that in the future!