Thursday, December 16, 2010

Krake Growing at Heide Park

Heide Park has slowly been releasing some images of their new-for-2011 B&M Dive Coaster, Krake.  The new coaster will stand 135 ft. tall and feature a vertical drop into the open mouth of a giant octopus creature - the Krake.

One of the photos they just released is of the ride's trains being manufactured in Switzerland:

The ride's three cars will each seat 18 guests in three rows of six.  I like the moody colors they're using on them, they'll look sleek when the ride opens.  During the course of the ride guests will encounter a Camelback, Immelman, and water splash element while on board these.

This photo is slightly older, but offers a great view of the splash section the coaster will have.  This photo totally reminds me of watching the splash section of Diamondback be built!

Heide Park has an assortment of photos of the ride's construction at the bottom of this gallery.  They've even included some shots of the unique theming the ride will have as it is being built.  You can also browse the official website for the attraction, which has video, a Blog, and an interview with one of its designers.


Surya said...

A Diving Machine with a camelback? I'm in!