Monday, December 20, 2010

Aerial Antics: Winter Water Parks

It's almost Christmas, it's rather cold and windy out, and that makes me long for summer days when you could enjoy a trip to a water park.  In that spirit let's take a frosty look at some of our favorite places to splash around.

Camelbeach, Tannersville, PA, sits at the base of the mountain where skiers delight all winter long.  But during the summer guests enjoy rides that are built into the slope of the mountain.  Not pictured in the above image is the recently added Pharaoh's Phortress, a large water play structure that is located below the mat racer slides in the above image. (aerial)

North Richland Hills, TX, is home to NRH20, a popular family water park.  The Green Extreme is probably their premier slide, well, actually it is a water coaster.  It stands seven stories tall according to the park and features 1,161 feet of flume.  You can see it proudly standing over the park on the left side of the above photo. (aerial)

Sunsplash is located in the bright sun of Mesa, AZ.  It's now home to a bowl slide, mater blaster water coaster, family raft and halfpipe attraction.  According to this page, it's also going to have a big announcement for 2011, too!  As part of the larger Golfland family entertainment complex, other attractions such as mini-golf, laser tag, arcades, and go-karts are offered. (aerial)

Huddled next to Six Flags Magic Mountain is Hurricane Harbor, a water park on a Six Flags scale.  Take a spin into the tornado funnel, or relax in the Forgotten Sea Wave Pool.  Last year saw the addition of Mr. Six's Splash Island, a new water play fortress that was aimed at providing splashy fun for kids.  (aerial)

The one thing that PARC Management got out of the ending of their relationship with CNL was this water park, named Myrtle Waves in Myrtle Beach, SC.  Check out the Turbo Twisters, the really tall slides at the far right of the photo.  How intense do those look!  The park also features the Arooba Tooba, the bright orange bowl slide on the left.  (aerial)