Friday, December 17, 2010

Kings Dominion Explains Changes To Intimidator 305

The first turn on Intimidator 305 is being remodeled to provide a more comfortable ride for passengers.  I've purposely left this news alone until the park released some official information, and now they certainly have:

While I missed experiencing the ride in its first season, it is probably better to take a spin with a wider first turn and no brakes on the drop.  Hopefully that will let the coaster run more like it was intended, which was quite an intense experience from the reviews.


Unknown said...

I was wishing for an overbanked turn but keeping the turn the same but just expanding it is fine with me. Can't wait to ride Intimidator 305 again on opening day April 2nd!

Surya said...

Awesome that the park is investing in enlarging that first turn. That just shows how dedicated they are to giving the best possible experience. I can imagine a lot of other parks just settling for the extra trims.

Can't wait to ride this thing!