Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Ben 10 Comes to Drayton Manor Theme Park

I admit it, I've seen quite a few episodes of Ben 10 - I even could answer what an Omnitrix is without having to look it up!  I guess that's what happens when you have kids in the house.

Still, there's a point to me talking about the show - since Drayton Manor Theme Park, located in the UK, just announced the first Ben 10 themed roller coaster for the park's 2011 season.

If you aren't familiar, Ben 10 is a animated series featuring Ben Tennyson "who is able to turn into a variety of alien superheroes, each with unique powers, thanks to his mysterious Omnitrix watch."  Naturally he always stops the bad guys during his adventures as well.

Drayton Manor will build the coaster themed to his adventures in a new Cartoon Network Street area, which will also feature a restaurant and shop.  Both of those will also be themed to Cartoon Network brands, and you'll be able to pick up plenty of themed merchandise as well.

As for the actual coaster ride - the park is keeping some secrets still.  They're supposed to be building the world's first Vekoma 'Junior Boomerang.'  The inverting nature of the Boomerang design doesn't lend itself well to anything 'Junior' - so we're all wondering exactly how this ride will turn out.

Drayton Manor has no problem boasting that they've been the first to add several types of rides, such as the stand-up freefall and Europe's first Thomas themed area.  The park promises more details closer to the opening of the ride, which is set for Easter 2011. 


Surya said...

Vekoma? Boomerang variant? That sounds awesome... not.

But I guess for the audience that won't matter