Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Aerial Antics: DelGrosso's & Lakemont Park

Known as Bland's Park for the majority of its life, this family run amusement park was rechristened DelGrosso's Amusement Park in 2000 to better reflect its ownership.

The park sits in Tipton, PA, and is known for it's free admission policy (ride tickets and wristbands are available) and free parking.  The DelGrosso family is known for their Italian food products, but has owned and run the park since 1946.

DelGrosso's has a small water park area named the Tipton Waterworks.  Slides include Twin Twisters (right) and Midnight Express, Great White, and the Gravity Groove.

Guests must cross Route 220 via pedestrian bridge in order to reach the park proper. When they do the are greeted with many rides and attractions in a purely traditional park setting.  You can see the park's Kids Kingdom, which is one of the first things you'll encounter.

The rest of the park sits among mature trees, hiding many of the rides.  The park's largest coaster is the Crazy Mouse, added in 2004.  The park purchased the Revolution from Libertyland but has yet to build it.  DelGrosso's also has one of the few remaining Caterpillar rides left in the world known as Space Odessey.  Here's a link to the aerials.

Lakemont Park is located not too far from DelGrosso's in Altoona, PA.  The park has gained much notioriety for having Leap The Dips, currently the world's oldest operating roller coaster.  The park coexists well with its neighbors, which include a large baseball stadium, shopping area, and indoor ice venue.

Guests at those baseball games have a perfect view of the Skyliner coaster just in back of the outfield.  Scott and Carol recently posted a great history of this coaster, which if you haven't already you can read here.

Lakemont features a nice selection of rides and attractions that will entertain the whole family.  Don't head to the park looking for the latest in big thrill rides, instead Lakemont offers a selection of classic rides that have remained popular through the years.

The Island Waterpark may be small, but it's still great for cooling off on a warm summer day.  It's also situated right on the Lakemont Reservoir, which the famous Casino at Lakemont also borders.  Here's a link to the aerials for the park.


Freddy said...

How the heck do you get on the water park's island, Swim ;p