Saturday, December 4, 2010

New MGM Grand Adventures Photos

I was recently sent some new photos from inside MGM Grand Adventures theme park, which I wrote a big series on this past summer.  (if you missed that, start here)  There's some really great ones included in this batch - they will also be included in the original article I did.

Many thanks to Mark for sending these!

Here is a nice view of New York Street, the first themed section you encountered after entering the park. 

Along New York Street you could find several strolling performers which were a part of the park's "Grandmosphere" entertainment program.

The Parisian Taxis provided guests with a smashing good time.  This shot is nice in that it shows the painted backdrop the ride had of various Parisian views.

Dueling Pirates, the park's live stunt show, had some massive sets, which these photos show off nicely.

It also had a full cast of bad guys, good guys, and of course, the girl in trouble.  The actors regularly got the audience involved, that is when they weren't flying off the sets into the lagoon below!

See.  I meant it - they really did fly around quite a bit.  There were some explosions as well - your typical stunt show experience.  Everyone really seemed to enjoy the show, though.

This photo was taken aboard the Grand Canyon Rapids river ride.  There were several scenes that the rafts passed through indoors - I believe this was the flooded bank robbery shoot-out scene. 

Another photo taken on a ride, only this time it was the Backlot River Tour.  This was from the Jungle Storm scene, where a huge helicopter lifted up and bullets splashed all around you.

Also on the Backlot River, boats entered the Temple of Gloom, an ancient place where a number of movie magic special effects created a disastrous result.

If you have any MGM Grand Adventures photos or memories that you would like to share, by all means, e-mail me!