Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Mike's Fill-In Brochure Spotlight: Dorney Park 1987

Dorney Park 1987 - Wildwater Kingdom was open for a couple years but the expansion in Dorney Park didn't die off in that time.  Colossus had opened the previous year, and sits proudly on the cover of the brochure.  Now it sits proudly in Germany.

A visit to both parks cost $16.95, but kids and seniors were only $10.00.  A parking fee was in place that year, too, $1 a car.

1987 saw the addition of two attractions to Wildwater Kingdom - the River, the park's first lazy river ride, and the Auto Kid Wash. 

Things are pretty self explanatory on this section.  If you read the top bolded wording quickly you might think this is for Worlds of Fun.

Colossus, err, Laser looked pretty smokin' with that shiny paint job.  Then again it looks pretty nice right now over in Germany, too.  There are a lot of views of the water park in this spread, showing off just how undeveloped it was back then - and crowded!  The boats in the lower left corner look really fun, I had totally forgotten about them.

Here's a great map that has a ton of detail - though not everything seems to be listed on the left.  Meteorite, for instance, isn't on there, but was still at the park.