Monday, December 27, 2010

Kentucky Kingdom Attendance History

The Kentucky Kingdom Redevelopment Company created the above video that details the history of attendance at Kentucky Kingdom under its different ownerships. It's pretty interesting to see just how far down the park's attendance fell during the Six Flags years.

It is a little hard to hear so you may have to bump up the volume, but it's worth checking out.


Unknown said...

Wow...I think the KKRC did a fantastic job at putting this video together. It really shows the importance of continuing to add new and exciting rides if you want to grow a theme park. You can try and sit back to milk a cash cow, but it will eventually dry up and you're left with nothing. I'm sure there were other contributing factors to the decline of this park besides the lack of new rides. Knowing Six Flags, I'm sure they did things such as cut staffing back to the bare minimum, did little to boost employee morale, scaled back on maintenance, and perhaps slapped an advertisement on anything they could in the park. I hope they are able to re-open this park and return it to the former glory it sounds like it once had. Thank you for sharing the video!

Freddy said...

Interesting stuff!