Monday, November 15, 2010

Orlando Thrill Park - 15 Coasters?


When the proposed Orlando Thrill Park had its latest meeting with residents of the Florida area where the park would rise it showed off some more detailed drawings of their plans.

Among those drawings we can check out some of the 15 coasters that the park says it will build, including a 400+ ft. tall inverted version of Top Thrill Dragster.  There's also a launched family coaster, what looks like an SLC, and a few other designs.  No way to know if the layouts in the drawings are meant to be exact or not, though. 

One thing is for sure - I definitely do not see 15 coasters in the master plan.  It is hard to tell what some things are but I can't get past a count of 9 or so.  The area residents don't seem to keen on the idea of the park, so that might not bode well for its future.  Still, I'm interested to follow this story.

The logo on the drawings implies that would be live, but don't bother - as of now it's just a Go Daddy shell.


Surya said...

If they're going to try and thrill us with clones like an SLC and a motor bike coaster... They should know better!