Saturday, November 6, 2010

Ferrari World Has Opened

Ferrari World, located in Abu Dhabi, has opened to the public and that means we get a look at what the massive indoor theme park has to offer its guests.  And of course for us coaster fans that also means more videos of Formula Rossa, aka the world's fastest coaster.

From the embedded video above the ride doesn't really look slow (the main part of the ride, obviously not the launch), it's just that the turns and hill are just huge.  The launch is pretty amazing to see - is that smoke or something coming out of the back of the train?

Ferrari World's full website has also gone live, which gives more detail about the property than offered previously.  Pictured above is the Fiorano GT Challenge, a pair of dueling Maurer Sohne coasters.  The V12 flume ride looks pretty cool as well, and feature three small drops as the boats pass through a car engine.  G-Force launches riders up over 200 ft. in the air on a space shot style ride. 

The inside of the park looks like a cross between a large shopping center and theme park, but it's amazing how cavernous and huge the space is.