Thursday, November 4, 2010

Scott And Carol Present - A Whale Of A Tale At Sea World Orlando

While the Blast is on a short hiatus this week, we did feel the need to post some photos of Sea World Orlando's latest addition. We were so fascinated by this new addition; we visited the park on both Sunday and Thursday of this week.

When we visited on Sunday, we were excited to find out the sixteenth Orca calf was born at Sea World Orlando approx three weeks ago. Mother, Katina and child were doing "swimmingly" and the proud momma was busy showing off her 7th calf to audiences at Shamu Stadium.

We learned that the baby could not stopping swimming, due undeveloped motor control. While this baby looks tiny next to it’s six ton mommy, it actually weighs in at 350 pounds and is approximately 7 feet long. So, it would be like giving birth to something the size of Shaquille O’Neal.

On our visit today we learned ... it's a boy! He has also gained some motor control; we witnessed him stopping next to mom, which he couldn't do on Sunday. And, he has gained some independence as well, he will swim off on his own, exploring the tank while mom is busy eating. This baby boy has yet to be named, but he's growing like seaweed