Tuesday, November 30, 2010

CNL: Multiple Operators Likely for PARC Properties

More details are emerging on the possible new operators of CNL's eight theme and water parks that were run by PARC Management.  This article focuses on Darien Lake, but provides some new details.  For one, CNL says that it is likely that different operators will take over the parks - instead of one like PARC did.

CNL is currently taking bids from many different parties, but hopes to have new management lined up across the board by year's end.

CNL is also already hard at work planning capital for the parks over the next two years, saying they are working with ride manufacturers to finalize things now.  Darien Lake could see a new ride or two, as well as accommodations improvements over the next couple years.

I'm anxious to see what parks end up being managed by whom.  Frontier City is already rumored to have Herschend interested, and a resort like Darien Lake could attract some bigger names, too.  A new management company could also be formed just to manage some of the properties, too.


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