Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Water Magic Coming to Pigeon Forge

Here's an interesting story that grabbed my pre-Turkey day attention.  Plans for a $40 million "innovative" and "magically themed" water experience for Pigeon Forge, TN, have been announced.  But this is not a water park, that is being made perfectly clear.

To be located across the street from the current Titanic Museum attraction, Water Magic will be a 40,000 square foot attraction that involves water in every was possible.  The interaction starts outside the building, where a 100 ft. tall kinetic water sculpture greets guests along side a gigantic tipping bucket.

Once inside, the first area will be Emporium Square, a two story lobby of sorts that has synchronized fountains to music.  From here there are portals to areas where guests can feel like they're walking on water, enter a water tunnel, or go through a water and mirror maze.  A Water Theater will have another musical water show, and the Deep-Sea Exhibition lets guests experience a dive to the ocean floor.

So basically Water Magic will be a gigantic water funhouse of sorts, with some educational aspects.  It's not set to open until 2013, I'll be quite interested to see photos and videos of the attraction though.