Sunday, November 14, 2010

Taking A Closer Look At Legoland Florida

In just less than a year from now Legoland Florida will open its gates and usher in the next chapter in a theme park's long history.  While memories of Cypress Gardens will remain, the park will be a bold offering of family entertainment in the highly competitive Florida market.

The new theme park recently went into detail and provided a breakdown of the rides and attractions that families can expect when they visit.  I could go into covering that here, but well, the Funland Blog has already done that rather well.  Read their story on the park's roster of attractions at this link.

The park will reuse several of Cypress Gardens' rides - including three coasters: the Vekoma junior and family suspended coasters and the family sized wooden ride - but also add a new Technic Coaster.  All will have new themes when they reopen - as will the entire park.  In fact it will be separated into 10 different areas, such as Pirates Cove, Castle Hill, and Miniland USA.

Be sure to stay in touch with the park's official website, which will have news and information as it arrives.