Friday, November 12, 2010

Martin's Fantasy Island Announces New Ride For 2011

2011 will mark the golden 50th anniversary of Martin's Fantasy Island, located in Grand Island, NY, and the park is celebrating with a spectacular new flat ride.

While not named yet, the park has shared a photo of the attraction on their Facebook page, and it looks quite wild.

The new ride will be the first of its kind in America and only one of a handful located in the world, according to the park.  It certainly looks like the kind of ride you would see on a midway at a European fair.

Riders will be flipped in all sorts of direction during the ride - certainly not an attraction for people scared of some serious thrills! 

Martin's Fantasy Island has also mentioned that they plan to bring back some of the park's favorites rides and shows from the past 50 years for next season, but no details have been released yet.  It is great to see the park going all out for their big anniversary.