Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Sea Turtles Rule at Sea World Sand Diego In 2011

Sea World San Diego has announced the park's 2011 attraction, which will have Sea Turtles as its main focus.  The attraction will be the largest display of Sea Turtles in the United States.  The 300,000 gallon aquarium that will house the attraction will contain turtles of different ages, as well as thousands of tropical fish.

The exhibit will also have several education experiences as well, including a gaming wall and touch screen maps.

The area will also feature a new flat ride aimed at "tweens," named Riptide Rescue.  It's hard to tell the type of flat ride from the concept art, but it looks like guests will sit in rafts that will swing freely while the ride turns.

The expansion is a nice mix of animal attractions with a new ride, a direction the Sea World parks seem to be headed in.