Thursday, November 25, 2010

Universal Studios Hollywood's Evolution

A part of NBC Universal's "Evolution" plan for Universal Studios Hollywood includes some hefty changes to the famous theme park.  I was just reading some of the details of the plan on the Funland Blog and realized just how much of the Studio Backlot would be going away.

The War of the Worlds set, Wisteria Lane, Jaws, and several other staples of the tour would have to be removed for a residential development.  Sad, but I suppose that's the cost of progress.

Universal Studios Hollywood

The rest of the theme park would see changes as well, mostly in the form of 146,000 square feet of new attractions.  That's a significant amount - Curse of DarKastle at Busch Gardens Williamsburg is about 40,000 square feet.

Other older attractions would also be removed in the 20 year plan, including Termindator 2: 3D and the Waterworld Stunt show.  The recently opened King Kong attraction, along with the Transformers ride that will open in 2012 are not included in the evolution plan.

I know it may sound dramatic, but I'm quite happy the plan is to even keep the theme park.  In the world of movie studios and sky high California real estate it wouldn't have been totally shocking to see the park be repurposed.

So, will they build a Wizarding World of Harry Potter?