Thursday, November 4, 2010

Waldameer Park Announces 2011 Expansion

Waldameer Park has fully announced three new rides in an entire new section of the park, all scheduled to open in 2011.  The new "North End" section will be located between the lift hill of the Ravine Flyer II and the park's Sea Dragon ride.  Guests will enter under a 20' metal archway into the area, which will also contain a 8' fountain, gardens, and the park's trademark bronze statues.

As expected, the biggest of the three rides will be the Flying Swings, which stands 41' tall.  The ride will take guests up swinging around in chair swing style seats - giving great views of the Ravine Flyer II and Lake Erie. 

The North End will also have two rides that cater to the whole family.  Wendy's Tea Party will be a small spinning tea cup ride.  Kids will have control over whether their cup spins a lot or just a little.  The SS Wally will be a Rockin' Tug, where a boat sways and rotates up and down.

More details and some current shots of the construction of the new North End can be found on the Waldablog.