Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Mike's Fill-In Brochure Spotlight: Dorney Park 1985

Just one year later than last week's brochure, this week we take a look at Dorney Park's 1985 brochure.  1985 was certainly a year not to be missed at the park - for this was the year that Wildwater Kingdom debuted.

And with that new water park the property needed a new logo, which can be seen on the cover of the brochure.  Notice that Alfundo has been relegated to the very background of the collage of park photos!  He looks mischievous.

The park was spending a lot of cash to improve year after year, and so it only made sense to have a bold introduction like this.  The $4 million spent the previous year was to replace the section of the park that burned down, still, taking on an entire water park project after that was pretty gutsy.

You have to love the "Baby, look at us now!" slogan plastered across the top of this fold out section!  Maps of both Dorney and Wildwater Kingdom were featured - it's pretty amazing to see how small the water park was when it first opened compared to today.

There's a "proposed" water slide attraction called Rampage on the map, but that never really came into reality.  It is hard to tell exactly what it would have been, but it looks like one where riders sat on a board, went down a steep drop, then skipped across the surface of the lagoon below.

Here is the entire middle section pieced together.  If you read the text it makes it sound like Dorney Park was Disney World!  Still, the water park was a big deal when it opened, the massive wave pool was home to surfing competitions and attracted much attention.  Also take note of the photo of the section of the park that had opened the previous year near the bottom.

Now that two parks were on property (both with separate admission at the time), the first combo ticket was offered or $16.95.  You could, of course, still pay and enter each park separately as well.

And as a bonus here's a bigger scan of the concept art they had in there for Wildwater Kingdom.  It didn't turn out exactly as drawn here, but generally it is correct.  You can see the proposed Rampage slide in a different location, tucked in the back corner of the park behind the body slides.