Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Grona Lund Announces The Twister

Grona Lund, located in Stockholm, Sweden, has announced a new Gravity Group designed wooden roller coaster for 2011, named Twister. And they're not kidding, this is one twisted ride! Twister will be the park's seventh roller coaster, a real feat considering the limited real estate (see our Aerial Antics) the park has to work with.

Twister will be built so that the first drop is right alongside the water, and it will go over a dark ride building and also twist over and under two of the park's existing roller coasters. Twister also promises to have no less than nine moments of airtime during the ride, something we know the Gravity Group is great at designing!

The video above is definitely showing the ride moving faster than it will in reality, but Twister is sure to be a zippy ride nonetheless. It will stand around 50 ft. tall, be 1,575 ft. long, and hit 38 m.p.h. - perfect statistics for a thrilling moderate sized coaster. Another important fact is that the coaster will use two of the Gravity Group's Timeberliner trains, with each one holding 12 riders.

Here is a link to Grona Lund's page for the new ride.