Thursday, August 19, 2010

Star Flyin', Wind Seekin' Drama Erupting at Cedar Point

The Sandusky Register totally blew the cover off of Cedar Point's plans for their 2011 attraction with this article, published late yesterday.

The article states that Funtime, the creator and patent holder of the StarFlyer attraction, is furious that Cedar Point is going to build a Mondial Wind Seeker, a ride similar in design to the StarFlyer - only with seats suspended on arms, not chains. So angry, in fact, that the company says they will sue Cedar Point if they build the ride. On what grounds I'm not sure - I'm no lawyer but it strikes me that suing the park would be pretty silly.

Seems that Funtime expected to receive the contract for the ride after Cedar Fair officials visited the one in Florida some time ago, but obviously that's not how it turned out. They planned to build a 400 ft. attraction for the park, the article says.

I'm interested to see if this is just a lot of hot air or if Funtime will really enter litigation over the issue. Knott's Berry Farm has joined Canada's Wonderland in their Facebook new-attraction-teasing, and from their hints I think that all three parks are due for their own StratoSoar ride.

With the announcements due in less than a week we won't wait long to find out!