Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Kings Island & Cedar Point 2011: WindSeeker

To round out today's announcements, Cedar Point and Kings Island have also announced WindSeeker as their new attractions for 2011. Both rides will also share the same statistics as the rides announced this morning at Canada's Wonderland and Knott's Berry Farm, standing 301 feet tall.

Cedar Point will be placing their ride on some of Ocean Motion's former spot, but it will also extend outward onto the beach by the lake. A very pretty setting for a ride!

Kings Island will build their WindSeeker in the back of the park's Coney Mall section, near Vortex's exit. The ride will be a welcome addition to the park's skyline, already highlighted by the Drop Tower, Diamondback, and the famous Eiffel Tower.

Now for the interesting question. Since Cedar Fair trademarked StratoSoar but did not use it for any of these rides... whatever could it be for? A 2012 attraction at some park? Nothing at all? It is exciting to think of the possibilities.