Friday, August 20, 2010

Something Big Is Coming To Hersheypark

Now why on Earth would Hersheypark want to build a big new attraction for 2012 if the world is going to end that year? Just kidding. But I had to work a 2012 joke into here somewhere.

Lame jokes aside, Hersheypark went to the Derry Township Zoning Board to seek approval for a new "marquee attraction" in the Comet Hollow section of the park for the 2012 season. Judging from how early they are seeking approval, one might think this is going to be a large project.

And you'd be right! Not many details came out of the meeting, but we do know the attraction will be 212.2 feet tall. It will also have 32 support columns in the area of Creekside Catering, which will be removed. The supports will be over a man-made pond, which sounds interesting.

This is the area that looks to be affected. Comet Hollow is on the far right, where plenty of survey markers already exist. The removal of the Tilt-A-Whirl located here is rumored for a possible starting point of the coaster. Oh did I say coaster? No one has confirmed that, but really, what else could we be talking about here?

On the far left is the Creekside Catering area (to be removed), and across Park Boulevard is the old golf course which is rumored to be impacted by the ride. I would think crossing a road would have come up at the planning meeting, though. There are also plenty of markers and stakes located along the Comet's upper portion, running along Spring Creek. The article points out that the tree-line along the road will stay in place.

Hersheypark has added some unique coasters in the past decade - that combined with the tall, long layout we're seeing develop makes me wonder if this ride will be some variant of a hyper coaster, but that's nothing more than a guess. I can't wait for more details to leak out...


Unknown said...

I would have to guess with the height requirement and interaction with a man made pond that this would be a B&M Hyper with water splash element like on Diamondback or Griffon, but that's just going off what I know ;-)

NewsPlusNotes said...

That would be just lovely! I've never really looked at the Creekside Catering area at the park, but it seems pretty hidden behind the entrance plaza. Wouldn't it be weird to feature a main element like the splash there, though? Maybe that area is changing, too.