Sunday, August 1, 2010

July 2010 NewsPlusNotes Poll Results

July 2010 was one hot month - at least here in the Northeast. Feeding off of that I asked you guys what your favorite way was to cool off while at the parks.

You guys came through loud and clear - the original Log Flume is still the king of the midway when it comes to water rides. About 37% of the overall vote went to these classic attractions.

The ever fun - and sometimes totally soaking - River Rapids ride came in second place with almost 30% of the total vote. I had wondered when I launched the poll if these attractions could overtake Log Flumes in popularity, but I suppose not.

The huge splash of a Shoot The Chutes was tempting enough to get those rides ranked third, with 17% or so. Shoot The Chutes are simple, but fun, rides. And depending on the splash size they can be just as wet (or even more) than a River Rapids ride.

Check back soon for August's poll!