Sunday, August 29, 2010

Dorney Park Update 8.28.10

Took a nice stroll around Dorney Park yesterday afternoon - I was quite surprised by how very crowded it was so "late" in the season. But that's good news for the park!

The promotion of the 2010 Haunt is in full swing at the park. There are banners for most of the Haunts near where they will be located. This year Psycho Circus will be friendly during the daytime for kids. But then psycho and scary at night.

Terror Square appears to be going in the area next to Demon Drop - I have NO idea how they will make this happen considering Demon Drop was built on top of the midways they used.

The big deal this year, and I really mean big, is the Mansion House Hotel. This new haunted hotel is well under construction already.

Here is what I mean. A lot of the facade is already up, clearly showing the start of a spooky looking structure.

They're even going as far as creating the facade so that it goes around the side of the building, a very nice touch!

On the back side you can see that plenty of construction is going on again to fill in between the two groves. This place is going to be HUGE. Both of these groves, as well as the space they are building in between will be for one Haunt. I cannot wait for Mansion House Hotel. As they have on the official website if you're looking to book a stay at the Hotel you can call 610-391-7670! Really, do it!

Not much else is going on at the park that's different or new, the employees must be happy the season is winding down and fall is just around the corner. I've been taking a lot of photos of Camp Snoopy to use as "before" shots.

Here's one last photo - a close up of the new section that will be a part of Planet Snoopy. All the new rides and attractions will be contained in this half of Planet Snoopy.