Monday, August 10, 2009

Aerial Antics: Grona Lund

This week we'll jetset off to Stockholm, Sweden to take a look at Tivoli Grona Lund, a cute little amusement park located on the Djurgarden, and island in the middle of the city.

The park is quite old, dating back to the late 1800s, and still remains a popular place to see concerts as well as go for a ride or two.

Here's the whole thing in one shot! Yes, it's quite a compact park, yet it manages to fit numerous rides and attractions in this small space.

This red coaster is Kvasten, a relatively new (2007) Vekoma designed family suspended coaster. It's theming is neat, too, as when the train goes over the station it actually looks like it crashed into it and made a big hole!

Here's one of my famous 2fers, but it's not by choice this time. That blob of twisted steel is actually two different roller coasters! The larger of the two is Jetline, a Schwarzkopf coaster added to the park in 1988, which was at some point modified to have a larger first drop into a tunnel.

Twisted inside of Jetline is Vilda Musen, a Gerstlauer wild mouse coaster added to the park in 2003. It's quite an amazing feat that they were able to add this coaster quite literally into an existing one. Talk about creative land use!

The park's latest addition, and another smart use of their limited land, is Tele2 Insane, an Intamin ball coaster that opened this past Spring. It's pretty crazy looking, and I'll refer you to this fantastic article from Coasters and More for more information on that one.

And we'll finish with a link to the Bing aerials.