Monday, August 9, 2010

One More Planet Snoopy For Worlds of Fun

Worlds of Fun also announced a Planet Snoopy yesterday - the $5 million expansion will be the park's main addition for the 2011 season.

The park's current Camp Snoopy will be renovated and expanded to include six new rides, including a balloon tower ride, spinning tug-boat, tea cups, and new car and truck rides. A new theatre will be built so that live shows can be performed in the new area.

The park promises more information on the new rides, as well as construction photos, soon on their website.


Ryan said...

I'm a little disappointed they didn't try to add a new kiddie coaster. Maybe something to bridge the gap between Wacky Worm and Spinning Dragons, like a Roller Skater or Suspended Family Coaster would work there. Six Flags St. Louis has the same problem (or worse, since it lacks any kiddie coaster)... maybe it's a Missouri thing?