Wednesday, August 25, 2010

WhiteWater's First Step Into The Abyss

WhiteWater International LLC. has announced the completion of the first Abyss™ waterslide, describing it as the largest and most thrilling water slide attraction in the world.

The slide opened at the Hanwha Resort in South Korea earlier this month. The multi-person experience stands nearly 30 meters tall and features high capacity four or six person rafts. WhiteWater describes the Abyss as "featuring bigger drops, higher walls and more near-
vertical oscillations than any other ride in its class."

At the Hanwha site engineers had an especially tough assignment as the slide sits on the roof of a partially underground building. This led to the creating of a light weight exo-structure that allows more of the attractions bright colors to shine through.

While the Abyss is somewhat similar to other slide styles, it does feature several differences in design. Taller side walls allow rafts to reach even higher, and a tighter entry to the funnel keeps speed and creates more oscillations. The funnel's shape is also technically more of a triangle than a circle, with flat sections on the sides and top.

The Abyss is not available for sale in the United States or Canada.