Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Six Flags' Executive Leader Changes

Six Flags Entertainment Corporation has made some personnel moves again this week, replacing several park Presidents and moving one into a corporate position.

Mark Kane, the former President of Six Flags Great Adventure, will be replaced by John Fitzgerald, a 28 year veteran of the theme park industry, according to this article. Six Flags Magic Mountain will transition their leader, Jay Thomas, to a corporate position in Texas. His replacement will be Bonnie Rabjohn, who previously worked for Six Flags for 25 years.

I cannot find an article confirming this, but Screamscape is also reporting that Eric Gilbert, head of Six Flags Discovery Kingdom, will be replaced by Dale Kaetzel, a former General Manager of Canada's Wonderland during the Paramount years.

I suppose these kinds of changes should not be much of a surprise, as leadership roles rarely stay the same after a company emerges from bankruptcy. Hopefully those at the very top of the company have a solid plan that will benefit from these changes as many of those replaced were well respected in the industry - and the parks they led made tremendous improvement during their tenure.

The winds of change are definitely blowing those famous six flags around a lot lately!