Monday, August 23, 2010

That Makes Four StratoSoars

I never try to act like I have secret information - because 95% of the time I don't - but I had this weird gut feeling that we might see a 4th announcement take place tomorrow - now unofficially being called StratoSoar day by, well, me.

When I thought about the parks that were highly rumored to add the attraction, it felt odd that Kings Island was left out. Kings Dominion feels like a good fit, too, but I think their new coaster this year nixed that. Kings Island did expand this year with Planet Snoopy and the Starlight deal, but it's a big park with strong attendance and that equals more frequent capital expansions.

Thus I wondered if they might get a copy of the new ride, too. Well don't you know today the press machine turned on and the park announced that they will announce a major new attraction tomorrow, at the same time as the other parks.

If this turns out to be true, I hope that this finally proves once and for all that Cedar Fair does not regard Cedar Point and Kings Island as in the same market! The comparisons can finally stop!

One more thought - if Cedar Fair opts for big thrill rides next year and does not open a new coaster in '11 (which is looking doubtful, but I could be wrong) that will be the first year since 1995. That's 15 years! Just an interesting fact to share.