Sunday, June 20, 2010

Weekly Rewind 6.20.10

In honor of the opening of the Wizarding World of Harry Potter, this Weekly Rewind will feature some of the better press photos the park has released. Plus, check out some cool 360 degree images here!

Six Flags Entertainment Corporation is going to be re-listed on the NYSE starting tomorrow, the 21st. With bankruptcy behind them, the company is once again looking toward future growth - and hoping investors want to go along for the ride.

Now that it's pretty stinkin' hot out side, we're already dreaming of cooler fall temperatures... at least I am! Universal Studios Hollywood is already getting in the mood - sending out the first press info about this year's Halloween Horror Nights. The 2010 event will have more scare attractions and be open for more nights than ever before.

Can you believe that Manta at Sea World Orlando is already celebrating it's first birthday? It seems like only yesterday that Scott & Carol were publishing their great story on the brand new ride! The park has created a video of cool facts about the ride in order to celebrate the occasion. My, my how times flies.

Kennywood is planning on opening Sky Rocket this Friday, the 25th, and they are having a first rider auction to benefit the Greater Pittsburgh Community Food Bank. If you're interested in bidding, then head here. Update: the auction has been moved to June 29th or 30th!

Helping to cement the rumor that Busch Garden's Tampa's new coaster will sport a Cheetah theme, BGT has posted an image from a marketing survey (in Spanish) that you might want to check out. Looks like that "Cheetaka" trademark might be the coaster's name after all.

Six Flags Kentucky Kingdom's Sky Coaster is no longer standing at the park. It seems the ride was leased from a vendor, who has now asked to have it back since the park is closed. The other rides are still awaiting their fate.

Morey's next big coaster - a wooden one that's been planned for years now - is getting closer to becoming a reality. Many approvals have already been obtained for the ride, with more to come. The coaster will span two different piers, making it a rather large and twisted ride.

Knoebel's Phoenix turns 25 this year, another major milestone for any coaster. The park had a celebration for the ride and put some photos from it on their Facebook. I love when parks celebrate coaster birthdays.

This is pretty neat - real time attendance data from the World Expo in Shanghai. As of me writing this the Expo has had over 16.5 million visitors! That's just incredible. They're doing around 400k visitors a day now.

I totally missed this one last week, but Captain EO made it's return to Disneyland Paris on the 12th and excited fans lined up early to see the attraction. Early July will see the return of the attraction to Epcot and Tokyo Disneyland.