Saturday, June 5, 2010

Demon Drop At Dorney Park 6.5.10 Update

Crowded day today at Dorney Park, Wildwater Kingdom seemed especially popular in this heat! But on to Demon Drop.

Here's a general look at the work site. Progress continues to be made, and if you look close you'll see something new on the lower track.

Yep - one of the cars has been loaded onto the track! Car #2 is looking great in it's new paint job.

Here's another view of the car, this time from the front. If you want to compare how much they've been cleaned up, here is how they looked when they arrived from CP:

They've certainly lost the 1980s look they had when they were at Cedar Point!

The ride's station made a lot of progress this week as well, receiving it's covering and more. The paths around this section of the ride have been poured as well.

On the entrance side of the attraction, things are looking like the ride is a tribute to its former self! Even the entrance structure looks exactly as it did while at Cedar Point.

The exit ramp is much closer to being finished as well. This side of the midway still needs a lot of new concrete poured, though. Still no official word on an opening day, but we're getting closer!