Thursday, June 10, 2010

Geauga Lake's Wildwater Kingdom Update

Summer's here, and that means trips to the local swimming hole. Or, as probably in our case, local water park. A reader was nice enough to let me use some photos he took on a recent visit to Geauga Lake's Wildwater Kingdom for this update.

The water park is all that's left of the former Geauga Lake/Sea World Ohio complex, and has been growing with small additions each year. No new slides or real water attractions yet, but if the park continues to prosper I'm sure they'll come in time.

Many thanks to Ryan for use of his photos.

The Beach is the new addition this summer. It's a family play area that, as the name would imply, does indeed have sand, but no waves.

Here's a nice view of the entire Beach area. On the left we see the sandy area filled with some lounge chairs - but you can't go in the lake. On the right is the giant chess board, cornhole game, tether ball, and arcade. The circle that the chessboard is on is the foundation for the Thriller Bees flat ride. They also have a game called "Bear Pong."

A nice view of the giant chess board. I have to wonder if these very small budget expansions are a sign of larger ones to come, or the park struggling to keep people interested.

Here's a shot of last year's new addition, Little Tikes Town.

Now for some interesting shots of the former Geauga Lake areas. Here is where Happy Harbor was, which included the big net climbs, kiddie rides, and more.

The Beach area would be located to the left of this section of the former park. The ride pad on the left was for the Yo-Yo. Other pads for flat rides can be seen in the back as well.

Moving further to the right from the photo above we see more gutted park - the first building on the right is the closed Harbor Theater which used to house 4-D shows. Back beyond it is the building for the Dino Island II simulator.

Raging Wolf Bobs is still standing, though not looking in great shape at this point.

And this view gives a good impression of how the parts of the property that were Geauga Lake currently stand.

Thanks again to Ryan for use of his photos! Check out his complete gallery of Geauga Lake's Wildwater Kingdom photos.


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Orion Anderson said...

Just went on Saturday the 19th. Cedar Fair has done wonders with the water park. The Big Dipper, Raging Wolf Bobs, and the Skycoaster were all standing eerily on the other side, waiting for salvation. I was glad to see the park having so much success throughout the day.