Friday, June 18, 2010

More Flags, More Fun at Six Flags America

My trip to Six Flags America to check out Thomas Town was also my first visit to the park. After watching all the expansions the park went though in the '90s I wanted to check it out, but never had the opportunity. I figured it'd be nice to share some photos and thoughts of the park here on the blog.

The park's entrance area is known as Main Street 1776 and is a wonderfully themed gateway to the rest of the park. Here you can stroll through shops or pick up a snack to eat. This is also where you can get your Flash Pass, which is new to the park this year.

Six Flags America offers a water park as part of the general admission, which was quite popular on the warm, sunny day I visited. The water park has been expanded over the years and became known as Hurricane Harbor in 2005 when it received renovations, new attractions, and new theming.

I really loved the pathway that leads to Hurricane Harbor. It's lined with tall bamboo on one side, and a row of themed buildings on the other. The park just added new pressed concrete this year which resembles wooden planks. The effect is quite nice, and it helps keep things cool on a hot day.

Tony Hawk's Halfpipe is a pretty extreme water slide that guests first encounter on their way into the park. Riders sit in single or double tubes, fly down a steep drop, and then slide up and down the sides of the halfpipe. Needless to say it's quite popular with the teen crowd.

Hurricane Bay is the massive wave pool that anchors the middle of the water area. It also received a lot of new pressed concrete in the lounge chair area this year. Wave pools are always one of the most popular parts of a water park, and Hurricane Bay is no different.

Hiding among the lush landscaping of the park is the Tornado slide. It was added back when the park was renamed Hurricane Harbor and has been a hit ever since.

Naturally there's plenty of other water slides to be found, too. There's also two children's play areas, a lazy river, family rafting ride, and more.

Back on the amusement park side of things one of the nicest sections of the park is the Coyote Creek area. Themed as an old Western town, the area is complete with several rides, as well as food and retail locations. The theming is very well done, too.

Here's a great example of that. The facades of the buildings play into the imaginary citizens of the town. I wonder if I bring my laundry to the park if it will get done? I hate doing laundry.

The big coaster of Coyote Creek is definitely Mind Eraser. It's hard to miss the ride when you're there - it's paint job gives it away! The coaster is a Vekoma SLC and was added to the park in 1995, making it one of the oldest of its type.

If you're looking to cool down Coyote Creek offers Renegade Rapids, a traditional river rapids ride. You can't see much of the ride from inside the park which makes it even more intriguing. The boats flow through a wooded area and there's a tunnel involved, but beyond that it's a mystery!

We'll finish up our little tour of the park in part 2, coming soon.