Saturday, June 19, 2010

Demon Drop at Dorney Park 6.19.10 Update

With major work winding down on Demon Drop, Dorney has reopened the walkway next to the ride that includes Thunder Creek Speedway and the Swan Boats. That means we get a nice up close look at Demon Drop.

Here's the ride's station from the midway side of things. First thought was wow, that's a lot of teal! Then again, everything is still almost exactly the same as it was at Cedar Point, so I guess it fits in that sense.

This photo is to give a view of how close the ride is to the fountain and fish pond that's down there. The tall trees still make the area a nice retreat from the sun, but the fact that the walkway is now a dead end is a bummer.

Also take note of the Demon Drop car on the track. This leads me to believe they've tested it in order for it to be there. But I could be wrong. I know today there were lots of guys in the station and a couple working at the top of the tower.

The entrance area. They have almost everything completed over here, just needs a ride sign, some landscaping and we're set. Even the post for the ride restrictions sign is in.

For those of you who rode Demon Drop at Cedar Point, this should look eerily familiar.

One last look at Demon Drop sitting on the midway. Hopefully she opens soon!


dwitos079 said...

haha I love how even from that distance, dominator looks taller

Unknown said...

I was the first rider of the general public when it first opened. We got to Cedar Point well before daylight and waited to be first in line to run in there and go get in line! The excitement was so high! It was the first of it's kind that I ever heard of that drops you 100% straight down. We wanted to be first...Well we were, but wished we were not when we got stuck at the top! We went sailing up to the top and with overwhelming anticipation we got jolted into the horizontal position the rolled out to the edge....and that was it! We just dangled there hanging on for dear life..(we were just 13 and 16 years old then). This dangling over the Point went on and on and as time passed...OVER 3 HOURS..all of a sudden, no sound and no warning...AAAAAHHHHHHH!!!!!! We went sailing to earth and screeched into the braking system on our backs! IT was incredible. As we then rolled back into the loading and unloading area the guys running it say to us.." you wanna ride it again since you were stuck up there for so long?" We wanted to but was afraid to get stuck again, so we declined because half our day was over already. I have ridded it about 100 times since. I rode it the last season it was there. They told us they were removing it since there was so much better there now for free fall, but was sad to learn it was gonna be torn down. Thank you for sharing with us the news of Demon Drop's rebirth! Best to you~