Monday, June 28, 2010

Aerial Antics: Kemah Boardwalk

Today's Aerial Antics is a tiny one, but that's what happens when you can fit a park into one shot. The aptly named Kemah Boardwalk is located in Kemah, Texas, and in its short life has already survived a major hurricane. The Boardwalk is a combination of small family amusement park and shopping district, all with a nice selection of restaurants as well.

The park even has an Inverter, the subject of yesterday's Amusing Ads Archive! There's also an observation tower, free fall, carousel, wipeout, a handful of kiddie rides, among others. The park really went all out in 2007 when it opened the Boardwalk Bullet.

The 96 foot wooden roller coaster is about as twisted as they come - it even advertises that it has more cross overs than any other wooden ride, 42 in total. It was designed by The Gravity Group and is said to give a really intense ride.

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