Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Voters Approve New 49ers Stadium

The stadium will be in the white square

The residents of Santa Clara, CA, have approved Measure J, the proposal to build the new 49ers stadium in the parking lot of California's Great America. Theoretically, this paves the way for construction to start in 2012 for an opening in 2014.

There are a lot of articles about the news, but none that really detail any reaction by the amusement park's owners, Cedar Fair. It's not really a secret that Cedar Fair wants nothing to do with the stadium, and I'd look for them to push harder than ever to get the park off their hands at this point.

With the new stadium so close to the park, they'd have to shut down on game days - which translates to a huge loss of revenue. That plus a lot of other logistical problems the stadium brings has had Cedar Fair vocally against it from the start.