Thursday, June 24, 2010

Talk About Prime Real Estate

Walt Disney World has announced a new residential development, named Golden Oak Residential Resort Community. The new area will be located in the middle of Walt Disney World, somewhat in between the Magic Kingdom and Epcot. The first phase of the development will contain only 30 homes, and the prices for them will range between $1.5 and $8 million.

So I'll never live there! The development comes with all sorts of perks - it will have a golf course, club house, private lake, and VIP transportation and access to the theme parks. The 980 acre Golden Oak will also be home to a Four Seasons Resort as well in the future.

The homes that will be built will all be of a predetermined style, depending on your neighborhood. They are all custom built, but their appearance will fit within certain guidelines. It's like a very private, very rich version of Disney's Celebration.

If you want to read more, or slap down $25k to reserve your plot, check out the Golden Oak website.


cola boy said...

I just see this succeeding. People who have that kind of money to buy million dollar homes don't spend time at Disney. I see right people moving who who don't like or care for Disney, and all they will do is complain about the fireworks noise from the MK.