Sunday, June 6, 2010

The Amusing Ads Archive - Vekoma 1992

In this Vekoma advertisement from 1992 the company is pushing some pretty wild rides, at least going off of those drawings!

Some of them were vastly more popular than others. The Waikiki Wave, themed above as the Tidal Tremor was installed at Kentucky Kingdom, but has since been removed (okay well the park is closed, but even before that). The Nordic Voyage looks like the Gladiator's Gauntlet that briefly was at Busch Gardens Williamsburg. A few Time Warp style rides were installed in later years, though some of those have since vanished as well (Frontier City and Six Flags New England).

Also of note is that they list Evolution and Sky Shuttle as rides "realized in co-operation" with other manufacturers. Evolution looks like the one that was at Six Flags Great Adventure and now Six Flags St. Louis.

I'm not sure of the difference between a Waikiki Wave and Energize-R, but here is a video of one of them at Six Flags Mexico. Make sure to watch till about halfway in when things get real twisted.


Unknown said...

Energize-R looks like the theme package for the Waikiki Wave Super Flip - the inverting version of the Waikiki Wave.