Saturday, June 12, 2010

Weekly Rewind 6.12.10

What's sweeter than a Hershey's bar? Making it just as you like it, of course! Hershey's Chocolate World, located at the entrance to Hershey Park, has added a new attraction named Hershey's Create Your Own Candy Bar. The hands-on attraction lets guests select their favorite ingredients, see equipment in operation, and even design the wrapper!

Fun Spot USA, located in Orlando, will open a new spinning Wild Mouse coaster this Christmas. The ride, formerly Galaxy Spin at Cypress Gardens, represents a $1.3 million expansion. The park is proud to be adding their first large coaster - and it's always nice to see a ride saved!

Freestyle Music Park received another nail in its coffin this week when a bankruptcy judged ruled against the park, allowing creditors one step closer to seizing assets for liquidation in order to repay debts. It's not happening just yet - but the path has been cleared. Big B&M for sale on the cheap! Read the details.

Wake Nation, located in Cincinnati, OH, will try to break the World Record for most distance traveled on a wake board in 24 hours on June 25th. A group of top pro wake board riders will gather at the cable wakeboarding pond for the attempt. Admission is free, and all proceeds go to charity. Read more on the official site.

Luna Park has opened their new Air Race flat ride - the first of it's kind in the world. It looks thrilling and intense to me:

There's another video, taken from further back, available here. I'm pretty sure I'd come off of it green - and not with envy.

Interested in seeing the unique architecture of the pavilions at the 2010 World Expo? Check out photos of the 25 best here. While the U.S.A. pavilion is included in the list, I have to say that it's one of the least unique ones there in appearance.

Universal Studios Hollywood has been releasing some videos showing King Kong's path of destruction as he makes his way to the park for the new King Kong 360 3D attraction. This time he's made Vegas into his own kind of playground, and Speed: The Ride is on the list of casualties. See the video.

While this article was not updated to show that the ride was approved, Busch Gardens Williamsburg has received permission to build a 260 ft. (or so) tower attraction next year. Rumors are swirling that the ride could be heavily themed - or a bare freefall tower. But that's what you get from rumors, right?

Guests on Shoot the Rapids?! No, just some lucky employees who got to take a test spin - which Coaster Image caught on tape. You can see the video here - it looks like a lot of fun.

Six Flags AstroWorld was bulldozed and the land beneath it sold to real estate developers planning to make a killing off it's development. Five years later it still sits empty. Now the plot has been sold once again, and the new owner has no plans of building anything for at least another 5 years! Shame!


Chris said...

Good for Fun Spot! I knew John Arie (their owner) very well -- I worked for him for a brief while. I know he was looking at a few coasters, and at one point GCI designed a wood coaster for Old Town. He balked at the multi million dollar price tag required for a new Vekoma. John was a great value shopper-- paying only a few thousand dollars for the first paratrooper. I'm betting he got a great firesale price on the spinning coaster!

Nick said...

It's about time that SOMEONE gets to use Shoot the Rapids...