Monday, June 7, 2010

Aerial Antics: Ghost Town In The Sky

Ghost Town In The Sky, located in Maggie Valley, North Carolina, has to be one of the most unique parks around. That's because it sits on the top of a mountain. Yes, a mountain.

Guests park here at the bottom, which is already at an elevation of 3,150 ft. above sea level. Then you either take a chair lift or funicular up the side of the mountain to the park.

And then you arrive here - 1,250 ft. higher than where you started. The park's big roller coaster, Cliff Hanger, sits on the edge of the mountain and features a single vertical loop. From here it's up another 200 ft. to the main section of the park.

Here is the recreated Western style town, complete with church, school, jail, and two saloons. Gotta have the saloons! A real gunfight erupts in the town's streets each day, and can-can revues can be seen in one of the saloons.

Above the town starts the selection of traditional flat rides, such as a carousel and scrambler.

The furthest section has more rides, including newer ones like the Geronimo Drop, a freefall tower moved to the park in 2007. I can only imagine the views from the top of that ride!

While the park has officially closed and entered bankruptcy proceedings, a new owner has already been approved and hopefully the park will reopen soon! Here's a link to the Bing aerials.