Monday, May 4, 2009

Wooden You Like To Have Been At The Opening?

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Was that really the first time in well over two years of NPN that I've used the 'wooden' for 'wouldn't' joke? Amazing - I thought I'd use that lame joke by now!

Ahem, anyway, two of Great Coaster International's highly anticipated new for '09 wooden rides recently opened, and I thought I should link you guys to some great photos of these rides.

Above we have El Toro at Freizeitpark Plohn flying down a drop. The small, but intense layout of the ride makes it look like quite a winner! See WorldofCoaster's photos at this link.

© 2009

Prowler at Worlds of Fun also made it's debut this past weekend and judging by the look on the riders' faces in these CoasterCommunity photos it's a hit!

Not much of the ride is able to be photographed, but what you can see looks wild. Early reviews are positive saying the ride doesn't let up its speed!

And GCI isn't done yet - the opening of Terminator: Salvation at Six Flags Magic Mountain is still to come!


Micha said...

Der Freizeitpark Plohn ist ein schöner Familienpark mit El Toro und ab 2011 einen neuen Themenbereich.