Saturday, May 16, 2009

Terminator Testing!

© 2009 Six Flags Magic Mountain

Great Coasters International has tweeted and Facebooked [don't you just love 21st century lingo?] that Six Flags Magic Mountain's new signature woodie, Terminator Salvation, has officially begun testing! Testing began Thursday night, May 14, just a few short days behind schedule. No word yet on how it's going, but hopefully somebody involved with the project will be kind enough to treat us to a video in the coming days. If and when they do, I will update this post accordingly! In the meantime, you can whet your appetites by checking out the "Ride Funstruction" photo album that has been added to Six Flags Magic Mountain's Facebook page. It features some great shots of the trains being installed!

UPDATE: I have your testing footage as promised, compliments of Theme Park Review! The video is too wide to embed here, but you can check it out on their YouTube channel.